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Outdoor Wedding Altar


So let's make it perfect!

Let's face it, you already have enough to worry about!

For us, audio isn't a hobby.

Fennec Fox brings industry standard technology 

and a friendly, experienced, professional technician to operate it. 

Entrust your audio to us, and the sound WILL be reliable and crystal clear, guaranteed!

DJ Service: About
Wedding Guests Dancing


Let's make it a night to remember!

Wedding reception, corporate event, beach party, you name it!

Fennec Fox is here to pump up the jam and get your guests movin'!

Give us your playlist, or just some guidelines and we'll make a custom playlist for you!

DJ Service: About
Man Using a Tablet


We'll record everything!

You don't have to commit your event to memory.

Your ceremony, reception, speech, performance, and anything else that makes sound will be recorded and sent to you as an audio file after your event, 

so you can reminisce whenever you want!

We'll work with your photographer/video team to ensure that 

the audio in your wedding video is pristine too!

DJ Service: About
Credit Card Purchase


Let's make this affordable!

Party/Event: *$80/hour (not prorated)

*setup and teardown time will not be billed

Wedding: *$350 flat fee

This is an all-inclusive wedding package, including live sound, DJ, emcee,

audio recording, and attendance at the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.

*These rates are negotiable under unique circumstances,

so contact us with all the details so we can give you a customized quote!

Payment is required in advance, without exception. 

DJ Service: About
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