From Producer Miykael Tevis

In this story you are the main character.

Set in a world before our own, the great Nihil seek to craft The Human and The World of Its dwellings, with no concept of either.

In this primal era of unknowns, you are born.

Morphing with every step, you are led through a desolate landscape of ash and ice, controlled by Fear. 

This surreal spiritual journey will take us through the exploration of a strange new realm and of ourselves.

With help from a mysterious, yet friendly being of fire, we will learn what it means to be an infantile creature, and with some help, become something new.

Encountering beings controlled by their fears, desperate to satiate their hunger or simply complete their task to appease their matriarch.  

With the whimsy of a children’s book and the depth of psychoanalytic, this simple story is more than it seems.

Pulling from myths and timeless works like The Little Prince and Ernest Becker’s The Denial of Death, this charming and researched story will topple the ivory tower; bringing a smile to your face and, if you let it, perhaps even a tear from your eye.

You will face terrors and loss but also learn of acceptance and friendship.

After all, we can’t do this alone, so with collaborative art from around the world to aid in the telling of this story, let’s exit our cave.

Come now, embark on a myth that is both unique but also all too familiar.